VisaConnection provides customised tools and content to support the unique travel needs of government employees.  VisaConnection can obtain travel visas and passports for officials of any nation when travelling for diplomatic purposes.  VisaConnection offers travel visa, passport, and legalization solutions for government officials travelling to almost any region of the world.   VisaConnection maintains close working relationships with embassies representing nearly every country in the world and has experience supporting large government accounts as a sub-contractor.  As a result, VisaConnection provides fast, easy, and secure service ensuring that all applications and diplomatic requirements are processed in time for departure.

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VisaConnection Unique Services For Government Employees  Include:

  1. Proprietary Database.  VisaConnection customers and clients can access a proprietary, state-of-the-art database that contains specific travel requirements for nearly every destination in the world.  VisaConnection provides each traveler with a customized Application Kit that contains simple and complete instructions specific to their travel visa or passport needs.
  2. Dedicated Customer Care Team.  VisaConnection is the only industry provider that operates a dedicated customer care team with agent support available 12 hours a day.
  3. Same Day Submittals. VisaConnection can process travel visas in as little as a day.  Applications received in our Vancouver office by 9am are submitted to the appropriate embassy or consulate the same day that we receive them.  Applications received in our Toronto office by 9:00 a.m. are submitted to the appropriate embassy or consulate the same day we receive them.  For Consulates located in Ottawa, Montreal, or Calgary same day submittal is not available for requests.  These items will be submitted next business day.  Work is never placed on hold or delayed regardless of the deadline.
  4. Global Coverage.  VisaConnection has 60 offices in 27 countries and is the market leader in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Singapore, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain.
  5. Embassy Closures and Updates. VisaConnection distributes a ‘Weekly Update’ email alert which advises clients about important consular changes and issues.

Manage Your Order

Want to see if your order is on track to meet the date you requested your documents? Use the VisaConnection Order Status tool to see the most current update to your order.    

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Visa Pre-Check

Have an urgent visa application with a tight deadline?  Use Visa Pre-Check to save valuable time.  Have an experienced visa specialist review and verify that your application is accurate and complete or if corrections are needed.

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Digital Photo Service

Need a fast, easy and inexpensive way to get a photo you can use for your visa application? Use VisaConnection's photo service to upload a digital photo that we will review and print for your visa application.

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