Client Solutions

CIBT and its subsidiaries, VisaCentral and IVPSC, have a highly trained and motivated leadership team with deep knowledge of the industry, extensive experience, and unique skills.  We are proud to service clients across a broad range of industries.  Over 10 Million Travellers have used our services to obtain travel visas and passports necessary for entry into nearly every country in the world.

We deliver customised and flexible solutions to meet the needs of organisations of all sizes - from the world’s largest corporations to single-offices - and across industries of all types including cruise lines, tour operators and travel management companies. Organisations using CIBT and its subsidiary VisaCentral are able to offer their employees or customers a full range of services to facilitate fast and easy international travel.  We have the tools, experience, and global network necessary to effectively cut through red tape and expedite delivery of travel visas and travel documents.  

If you would like to learn more about our corporate solutions; including custom solutions for complex business requirements, please complete this form.

Customised Service From VisaConnection Can Include:

  1. Customer Service Support. Fast, effective, and informed travel visa and passport experts available 12 hours a day.
  2. Management Reporting.  VisaConnection can provide detailed reporting on a client’s account activity allowing clients to gain better insight into their total visa and passport expenditures.
  3. Important Alerts.  VisaConnection will notify you of important updates in travel requirements and information.  Sign up for our ‘Weekly Update’ email to learn the latest news in international travel.
  4. Onsite Service.  VisaConnection can train and place staff at your business location or service your business needs by housing a dedicated team of support staff within our own offices.
  5. Dedicated Account Management.  For large clients, VisaConnection can assign a dedicated account manager to manage your relationship.  This senior VisaConnection staff member will be responsible for working on your behalf to ensure your satisfaction.
  6. Unique Services.  VisaConnection provides a comprehensive line of unique travel services ranging from same day processing, custom delivery options, weekly updates, and many more.  We strive to provide unmatched service to meet our clients’ many travel needs.
  7. Co-Branded Web Portal.  VisaConnection can customise the website that is used by a client’s employees or customers to reflect the client’s brand and to include special messaging.
  8. Real-Time Order Tracking.  Travellers will receive an automated email when their application is received by VisaConnection, lodged with the issuing authority, and on its way back.  VisaConnection’s online tracking tool allows users to access real time track and trace for applications that are in process.

For more information regarding customised Client Services with CIBT, contact Craig Collins by email at [email protected].

Manage Your Order

Want to see if your order is on track to meet the date you requested your documents? Use the VisaConnection Order Status tool to see the most current update to your order.    

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Visa Pre-Check

Have an urgent visa application with a tight deadline?  Use Visa Pre-Check to save valuable time.  Have an experienced visa specialist review and verify that your application is accurate and complete or if corrections are needed.

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Digital Photo Service

Need a fast, easy and inexpensive way to get a photo you can use for your visa application? Use VisaConnection's photo service to upload a digital photo that we will review and print for your visa application.

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