Sample of Business Travel Requirements for a China Visa for Canadian Citizens

  1. Personal Appearance

    In this instance, you must apply in person at the consulate to obtain your visa. Unfortunately, VisaConnection is unable to assist you with your visa application. We recommend that you contact the consulate directly to obtain the most current forms, instructions, and requirements before making your personal appearance at the consulate.

     Please visit for more information.

Sample of Tourist Travel Requirements for a China Visa for Canadian Citizens

  1. Fingerprint Submission

    All first-time China visa applicants, aged 14 to 70, must attend an appointment to submit fingerprints. VisaConnection will organize this appointment on your behalf.

    Your China visa application will not be considered complete until you have submitted fingerprints at a China Visa Application Service Centre (VAC). After we have received all the materials required in support of your visa application we will call you to schedule an appointment to submit fingerprints at a China Visa Application Service Centre located in Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, or Vancouver. Our service includes a standard appointment which is available on a first come, first serve basis. Expedited fingerprint submission appointments are also available for those with urgent deadlines.

  2. Chinese Visa Validity

    The Consulate of China determines visa validity solely at their discretion.  The length of visa requested is not guaranteed; however, it is usually limited to the length of remaining validity of your passport minus one year.

  3. Passport

    You must provide your actual signed passport, including one copy of the personal information page of your passport. Your passport must:

    • Be valid for six months beyond the length of the requested visa. For example, your passport must be valid for 18 months if you requested a 12 month visa
    • Have at least two consecutive blank visa pages. Amendments and endorsement pages cannot be used to fulfill this requirement
    • Not be frayed, torn, separating, or altered in any other way

  4. Visa Application and Photograph

    Complete the China Application Form by logging onto after you have placed your order. This will ensure your documentation is accurately prepared and correctly submitted according to consular guidelines.

    For guidance on how to submit an acceptable photograph refer to the China Photo Guide contained in this application kit.

  5. Born in China, Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan

    If you were born in China, Hong Kong or Macau, you must provide us with your Chinese name in Chinese characters in section 1.3 of the Chinese visa application.Additionally, you must provide us with a previous passport or ID in addition to your current Canadian passport.

  6. Proof of Travel Arrangements

    You must provide proof of travel arrangements for the duration of your trip.  Details of your intended arrangements must include a copy of your full itinerary showing the following:

    • Your full name as printed in your passport
    • Exit details from country of residence
    • Entrance details to country
    • Travel details within country
    • Return details to country of residence

  7. Hotel Confirmation

    You must also provide confirmation of your hotel accommodations: Your confirmation must:

    • Include your intended dates of stay
    • Show your full name

  8. Hong Kong or Macau Travel

    If you intend to start your trip in mainland China, visit Hong Kong or Macau and then return to mainland China, you'll need to obtain either a double or multiple entry China visa.

  9. Children Under 18 Years Old

    Both parents or guardians must sign the visa application form on behalf of a minor under the age of 18. The following documents must be provided if only one parent is able to sign the application form:

    • If child only has one parent, a single parent statement letter must be provided.
    • If one of the parents cannot sign the application, a copy of their passport or driver's license must be included.

  10. Cruise Passengers

    Cruise passengers must provide a copy of their cruise itinerary.

  11. Previous China Visa

    Travelers who have previously held a visa for China must submit a copy of the previous visa and a copy of the passport containing that visa.

  12. VisaConnection Order Form

    You must provide one completed VisaConnection Order Form. The form must:

    • Include a valid email address and payment information
    • Include your signature in blue or black ink
    If you are a Teacher or have a Religious Occupation, you must provide a personal signed undertaking letter. The letter must be addressed to the Chinese consulate and confirm that your trip to China is purely for Tourist purposes only and confirm that you will not be undertaking any Religious/Teaching activities during your stay.

  13. Dual Citizenship

    If you have dual citizenship with Canada, you must use your Canadian passport to apply for a Chinese visa; foreign passports will not be accepted by the Consulate.

  14. Traveller Registration (Highly Recommended)

    Feel safer and travel with peace of mind by using our Traveller Registration Service. Registration notifies the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development where and when you will be travelling, enabling the Government of Canada to reach you in case of an emergency abroad or inform you of an emergency at home. To enroll in this optional service complete the registration form in this kit and send it to us with the rest of your documents.

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